Become a member of the
Freunde der Künste Bernaus Bernau e.V.

The friends support ...all kinds of arts...especially intermedia arts and transgressions into architecture, music, design, writing, dance, theater, film, video...
(excerpt from the constitutional text of the association)
... for and in the museum in an international contribute to education...
The members have free entrance to the museum, pay half for special events, shall be informed by email regularily, have the rights
to acquire an exclusive edition every year, usually an object, print, photo, video, sound piece by Wolf Kahlen, signed and numbered.
The fees are:
for singles € 90, for familie € 120,-,
for companies € 250, for donators € 500 and up, for sponsors € 1000 and up.

Please sign the
application and mail or email it to
Wolf Kahlen Museum
Intermedia Arts Museum
Am Pulverturm, 16321 Bernau

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Freunde editions

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editions for members
In 2010, the fifth year of the 'Freunde',
we offer a photo edition to our members:
signed by Wolf Kahlen
€ 300 each
This offer is valid only for members of the Freunde der Künste Bernaus Bernau.
If there are editions left at the end of the year, they may be purchased for the price of € 480 by nonmembers on request.