Selbstversuch II (1969) photo canvases and videotape, Young Rock (1969/71) a very early video sculpture, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Saal (1971) a photo installation piece on impermanence, the early Shaped Canvases (1965, first shown in NYC), a site specific sound sculpture installation Turn Table Shanghai (Art Museum Shanghai 1988), or Leerheit / Void (Art Museum Peking, 1996), as well as the interactive internet pieces Selbstlos, Sorry Mister Joyce or Europa – On the fly
The house represents on 350-600 qm the best overview on the complete oeuvre and 40 years of media work in general.
Every month another videotape or film out of 140 shall be shown in the series VideoKunstReihe 2006. Periodically the 16 video documents of Tibet (1985-2005) are introduced as well.
The Wolf Kahlen Museum Bernau is ‚a private space for material and immaterial arts’. Starting 2007 in the special exhibition room RaumNullEins single actual projects of other artists like composers, architects, film makers, art historians, writers, dancers etc. shall be shown.  < back
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