The Wolf Kahlen Museum
Museum of Intermedia Arts
is dedicated
to the work of media artist Wolf Kahlen.
It represents in major works from 1956 until today a maximum insight in the artist's multifacetted concepts. It assembles loans from private international collections of all periods:
Video sculptures / tapes / performances / installations. Photo and sound works. Architectures, drawings, paintings, texts,
his Tibet research on a Tibetan Leonardo,
the Archive of the Ruine der Kuenste Berlin,
writings, net art ...
on show now
Tibet research
Freunde der Künste Bernau
Café Leonardo von Tibet
Wolf Kahlen

exhibitions 2004
exhibitions 2005 / 06
exhibitions 2010 / 11

exhibitions 2005 / 06
Wolf Kahlen
Nothing but dust
works with dust in drawings,
bread sculpture,
mirror sculpture, photo installation, and on chinese scrolls
throughout the year