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Tibet Archive Berlin publishes exclusively research on the Tibetan mahasiddha Thang-stong rGyal-po in all Himalayan Countries as well as in Mongolia, since we are convinced, that in his personality, as an universalistic acting, and a kind of 'Leonardo of Tibet ' personality, living in one of the most exiting periods of Tibetan history (1361 - 1485), an unusal concentration of Tibetan subjects of interest are mirrored.The professions of this renaissance character include: architect, iron-chain-bridge builder, poet, composer, philosopher, founder of the Tibetan a-che lHa-mo theater, sculptor, painter and medical doctor. The archive dedicated to him was founded by Wolf Kahlen (Professor of Intermedia Arts at Technische Universitaet Berlin/ Dept. of Architecture) in 1985 as one of the results of his work as Consultant in Art and Architecture for the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. A first International Expedition lead by him in 1988 gathered such an enourmous amount of unknown material, that the founding of a particular Thang-stong rGyal-po Archive Berlin became necessary. All publications as well as unpublished papers of the author can be found here.Contributions are welcome. The photographic, film and text records within the archive, as well as the related objects may be published eventually as work in progress. All materials are open for scholarly use, if quoted correctly, but underly worldwide copyright conditions, prohibiting any use in any medium whatsoever (CD-Rom, Films, TV, books etc.). Photographs shall not be used at all without written permission of the authors. Contact: Wolf Kahlen wolf.kahlen@tu-berlin.de

Thang-stong-Gyal-po Archiv Berlin